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We are an international boutique executive search firm.

Confisa International Group has over 35+ years of experience providing integral Human Resources and Business Consulting Services to multinational corporations.


We have 35+ years of experience providing effective and responsive retained executive search services as well as integral human capital solutions.

Acting as a fully comprehensive business partner, we have assisted leading organizations around the world including Fortune 500 companies.

Achieving excellence in service as a norm, our headquarters are located in Pembroke Pines, FL (USA). Additional offices are located across EMEA, APAC, and the Americas region.


CONFISA INTERNATIONAL GROUP is a professional organization that provides effective and responsive investor and retained executive search services.

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HR & Business Consulting

Training & Development

Human Capital Management

Executive Coaching


Executive Talent Representation

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We believe that in order to be a leader on comprehensive People & Business Management Solutions, we need to provide an intelligent and innovative approach in order to add real value to our customers.


We understand clients needs and believe in partnership.

Performance Oriented

Based on results, no advance fees.

Consultancy approach

Every activity treated as business development

Integral solutions

Offer intelligent & innovative alternatives

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We care about your business and about you

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Brands we possess experience with all over the world.


In Order to accomplish integral solution, Confisa International Group has made successful partnerships with leading organization all over the globe.


With more than 35 years of experience, we will be your perfect solution for your executive search requirements.

Best practices and Inhouse methodology through all the recruitment process.

Up to One year warranty.

Global Coverage to help with your needs wherever you need.

Company Performance enhancement solutions.

Executive coaching.

Building a story of success CONFISA

Foundation and Expansion in Mexico & Central America

Confisa Executive Search

Executive Search boutique firm start- up (Mexico City)

Successful regional agreements completion for Fortune 1000 organizations(CALA)

Board Recruitment - Comprehensive talent management framework

First offshore/onshore & highly specialized technical and managerial positions projects

The company overcame the 1994 Mexico crisis due to its highest QA standards, disruptive business model, and continuous improvement of its operational procedures

New Products Development:

HR & Business Consulting, Training and Development, Executive Talent Representation, Executive Coaching, Human Capital Management

2000 – 2005

US HQ, EMEA Offices and LatAm Expansion, Confisa International Group, elitebrain, Confisa Technology Solutions, Confisa Consulting

US Domestic establishment strategy

Superseded regional agreements for Fortune 500 organizations (Americas)

Disruptive In-House Research Manual

Initial executive search practice in Africa and the Middle East (EMEA)

First Mexican company in the executive search industry successfully established in North America (Sunrise, FL)

Diapositiva 1 Key player in exporting LatAm talent (NAFTA / TN Visas / GHCS) (US & Canada)

2006 – 2010

APAC Offices, Global Alliances, and Global Coverage

Confisa Global Alliance / Confisa Cruises

Global Recruitment Solutions - First major global contract for search services (France)

EMEA Central Offices (Israel)

Royal Caribbean Hiring Partner (Mexico & US)

Successful Energy, Oil & Gas, and Mining industries search strategy and global practices

Rewarded recruiting & staffing agency that posted the highest number of quality executive level jobs (TheLadders WW, RiteSite, NetShare)

2009 global crisis overcame by successful strategies and office practices deployment at emerging economies/sectors (Brazil, Souteast Asia, Energy, Mining, IT)

Key & broad strategic partnerships with leading human capital management organizations (Global)

2011 – 2018

Group Business Ventures, Global Consolidation

Confisa Ventures / Equity Search

US $100M+ portfolio within Investor Search engaged projects (US $50M+ succeeded)

Direct group investments portfolio enhancement for parallel and vertical businesses in the human capital industry

Became global provider for UNOPS (United Nations Operations) (Denmark HQ & worldwide)

Confisa Consulting - Strategic partnership with Conscious Performance (Germany)

Confisa Outsourcing Practice deployment & Elitebrain eOutsourcing Agency

Minimizing Environmental Impact Group Policy

For social & environmental impact responsible organizations. Donation contributions to green causes

TopExecutiveSearchfirmpreferred and selected by largest companies globally (LTA) for assisting in Big Data & digitalization unique and disruptive recruitment needs

2019 – 2025

Corporate Expansion Consolidation

VC and Strategic Investor Relations enhancement / STEPWISE METHOD:

1. Business Venture & Investor Search and Selection – Confisa Equity Search

Integral Solutions / Services, Smart Business Model / SLA, Flexible Service Scope, Clear Advantages / Business Benefits, Strategic Alliances

2. Executive Board Recruitment & Placement (Perm/temp) – Confisa Executive Search

30+ years of experience and best practices, Successful projects in 60+ countries

3. Highly Effective Execution & Business Deployment – Confisa Global Alliance / GAT

Powerful connections empowering business and achieving great results

Continuous Revenue Growth / Sustainable outcome and global reach

CONFISA INTERNATIONAL GROUP is a professional organization that provides effective and responsive investor and retained executive search services.

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